Custom built sub enclosures and car audio.

If you are looking for a subwoofer enclosure you have come to the right place. Every enclosure is hand built by us. We don't sell prefabs. We build each enclosure out of MDF and are fiberglass resined internally for strength. We pressure test each enclosure to 100 psi to check for any leaks. Only when we are sure we have a perfectly airtight enclosure do we cut the speaker mounting holes and carpet or vinyl it. All corners on every enclosure are rounded for a cleaner look. We check and double check every enclosure prior to shipping. All enclosures can be covered in your choice of carpet, vinyl or paint. We cannot guarantee a perfect match due to different yarn, dyes and the effect of sunlight on your interior, but we will be very close if not exact. Please fill out our Box Request Form for a quick quote. All of our enclosures are guaranteed to never come apart, leak, or rattle in any way for as long as you own it.

We offer custom subwoofer enclosures that are vehicle specific. "I saw the need for these enclosures as I worked as an installer and custom sub enclosure builder at a car audio shop in my home town. Most sub enclosures that are being offered are mass produced and are of poor quality and workmanship. We strive to build truly custom vehicle specific enclosures that anyone would be proud to have in their vehicles. We take extra care to make sure every enclosure is built to specific specs of the subwoofer our customers are planning to use. I have been in the car audio industry for 25 years as a master installer, IASCA competitor and judge. Simply put we have one goal, to build the finest subwoofer enclosures one at time to our customer’s specific vehicle and subwoofers of choice." We are experienced installers and are here to help you with anything you need. When you purchase from us you get superior service during as well as after the sale. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Email We carry a full line of car audio products. Check out our Online Store. Don't see what you need, shoot us an email and we will do our best to get it.